Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Details of the offer

Roles and Responsibilities Designs, develops, and maintains application solutions and software for customers based on specifications and requirements
Integrates, tests, and debugs application solutions and software when deployed in development, test and production environments
Ensures complete delivery of all customer requirements and documentation
Tests and experiments with new tools and technologies that will help in designing and developing software for current and future requirements
Performs other duties as assigned by management from time to time
Job Competencies
Bachelors/Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, or equivalent experience preferred
Two years related work experience
Programming/Technical/Functional Skills. Necessary for writing programs efficiently; must be able to deliver well-written and readable code; must have the ability to ensure optimal application performance against documented requirements; must be able to actively determine specifications and standards for application compliance.
Unix/Linux Operating Systems and/or MS Windows Operating System
Programming Language Experience in Java
Relational Database Management Systems – Oracle/MySQL/MS-SQL/PostgreSQL
Knowledge of UML design tool
Optional Enterprise Mobility Software Development Skills (Android, JavaME)
Optional Enterprise Web Software Development Skills (JavaEE)
Optional Data and IP Networking (TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, SS7)
Optional Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
Non-Technical/ Non-Functional Skills. Refers to the skills that may support the completion of duties and responsibilities.
Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills.
Must be able to identify potential issues and problems
Must be able to analyze and logically breakdown these issues and problems;
Must then be able to create hypotheses that is useful when troubleshooting and testing;
Must finally be able to devise efficient solutions and approaches.
Product Knowledge Mastery.
Must be able to facilitate and build end-user/client confidence in produced software and application solutions.

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