Regional Pr Communications Manager

Regional Pr Communications Manager

Met Events Philippines

Regional Pr Communications Manager

Details of the offer

- Create and promote a favorable image of the company and its customers;
- Following trends and external factors that may impact on the image of their clients, or even their own company, and adapting to them;
- Liaising with local-market teams to ensure that the image of the client adheres corporate guidelines and objectives;
- Write speeches, preparing for interviews, and handling publicity campaigns;
- Plan new and original PR campaigns for the company and its customers presenting strategies, plans, costs, alternatives, and deadlines;
- Develop executive abstracts and presentations for key conferences and events;
- Directing and overseeing the company’s social media strategy;
- Oversee and produce internal communications, such as company newsletters;
- Handle and supervise all PR aspects in a potential crisis situation.
- Work directly with sales teams and customers to pitch and place necessary media coverage.
- Plan and publicize activities and events that would benefit the image, visibility, and reputation of their client, ensuring that the press covers it
- Establish relationships with key media and influencers


The Gaming Industry is flourishing and the gaming population is exponentially increasing. MET provides the best and the biggest gaming events in the esports industry.

Events & Marketing

We have dedicated our careers to be able to produce the biggest and best esports events for the gaming community to enjoy and love. With our set of specialized skills and equipment, we can execute this with ease. Whether it is with equipment, rentals, planning, marketing, production, broadcasting, or execution, we have everything needed to create the esports events that all gamers have been waiting for.


What any technical event needs in order to run smoothly is meticulous planning, planning, and more planning. Here at MET, we live and breathe the act of planning. We understand that it’s this attention to detail is the foundation of any event. Every day of our work lives is dedicated to making sure that nothing will go wrong when the time comes to produce the show. With our dedication to our conceptualization and production service, we take any humongous idea of yours turn it into a reality.


Everything from the design of the website to its content, we use and optimize online marketing strategies to get gamers to become actual event goers. With our expertise in the culture of gaming, we know exactly what gamers need to see and read in order to make them beg to get a ticket to your event. Wouldn’t dream matches between the best esports teams be absolutely epic with thousands of screaming fans? By availing of our media services, you will get exactly that.

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