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Job Description:
Sales and Business Development: The Producer plays an integral role in new business pitches and holds responsibility for the effective on-boarding of new clients. He or she effectively communicates the service that the company can provide to the clients. He or she must always uphold the company’s values, hereby representing the company with credibility. The producer builds and maintains strong, long-lasting customer relationships, and understands the nature of a competitive market the company operates in. He or she makes sure that the client’s needs are addressed above all. It is important for the producer to manage the expectations of clients and must handle expected and unexpected disruptions during the service delivery process. It is imperative that the producer works to resolve situations quickly with the goal to win the client’s repeat business in mind.

Project Management and Client Retention: Once a project is secure, presenting campaign ideas and costs to clients are the producer’s responsibility. The producer works with colleagues to conceptualize output that meets the client's brief and budget. He or she negotiates with clients to ensure the timely and successful delivery of solutions according to customer needs and objectives. They keep in contact with the client at all stages of the campaign. He or she manages the account's financial matters from contract signing to billing. The producer must handle the project with efficiency without sacrificing the quality of work and the relationship with the client, from start to finish.

Financial Acumen: The producer is expected to be very knowledgeable about the process of bidding, costing and billing, and any of the other requirements of the Finance Department. Proper budgeting and allocation of salaries are expected to always be fair and within the corporate laws. They must properly handle the project’s budget even when under pressure, making sure that all transactions are tracked and accounted for.

Team Leader: The producer is tasked to put together a collaborative team of outsourced employees. As the team leader and company representative to the client, the producer is expected to have leadership and managerial skills to properly handle the team. The producer must set a good example and make sure that the team is properly briefed on the company’s values, the project details, and the expected quality of work from them. It is the job of the producer to keep the team aligned before, during and after the project. The producer must be able to keep the team’s best interest in mind when dealing with the client.

Marketing: The producer coordinates with the Creatives Department in making sure that the project and the output are well represented in the company’s marketing efforts (as needed). He or she makes sure that the project is documented with the goal of showcasing the company’s assets and current roster of projects. The producer must be knowledgeable on the details of the output’s release dates and channels in order to help the Creatives Department fully maximize the marketing benefits of the account.

Post-project Duties: The producer is responsible for proper documentation and turnover of all relevant account files to the Accounts Department and Finance Department after every project. The producer makes sure that the team is properly debriefed and all feedback— both from outsourced partners and client—are relayed to the concerned parties. He or she must make sure that the team is effectively given an opportunity to improve based on their performance in the project.
Minimum Qualifications:
At least three years of work experience as a Producer Experience in ATL and/or Digital is a big plus Strong analytical and planning skills Good communication and presentation skills Excellent problem-solving skills

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