Mobile Development Engineer

Mobile Development Engineer

Rakso Ct


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Mobile Development Engineer

Details of the offer

Rakso CT-MakatiA Rakso CT Mobile Development Engineer is responsible for creating mobile applications for Android, iOS or multiplatform mobile needs. Working closely with designers and web developers, the Mobile Development Engineer would create the API’s required for these apps.A willingness to research and implement new techniques within the industry as well as predict emerging trends in mobile app development is a must, enabling the company to experiment and integrate new and existing technologies for innovating new marketable products.
As a Mobile Development Engineer at Rakso CT,you will have the opportunity to:
Design and develop mobile-based applications and solutions for various clients.
Maintain and expand existing mobile-based projects.
Test projects on different environments in terms of bugs and user experience.
Research and innovate solutions by incorporating new and existing technologies, both software and hardware.
Must be willing to self-study and try new platforms, depending if a project requires it.
Create IT documentations related to the field of systems design, development and research.
Basic Skills Required:
Knowledge in either native Android and iOS app development, or new multiplatform solutions such as Xamarin.
Proficiency in Java (for Android), Swift or Objective-C (for iOS) or C# (for Xamarin) Programming Language.
Familiarity with Android XML Layouts, iOS Storyboards or Xamarin XAML.
Proficiency in SQLite Database Design, Queries and Utilization.
Familiarity with the concepts of Web Services and API’s
Proficiency with SOAP or RESTful Web Services.
Additional Supplementary Skills:
Familiarity with web development.
Additional hardware and networking skills are appreciated.

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