Licensed Nurse (Waxing Therapist)

Licensed Nurse (Waxing Therapist)


Licensed Nurse (Waxing Therapist)

Details of the offer

HAREM, INC. is the company behind the brands STRIP (Ministry of Waxing) and BROWHAUS (The Brow Salon) which are internationally known brands with main office in Singapore and franchised in London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and the Philippines.
The company has meticulously researched and developed our range of services with much sensitivity to the needs of our clients all throughout the stages.
HAREM, INC. has visions of soaring to greater heights, bringing high quality services to its clients having their satisfaction in mind always. HAREM, INC. never ceases to fulfill its commitment to every client it can reach.
To continue HAREM’s pursuit for excellence, we are in urgent need of highly competent and professional people to complement our expansion program. HAREM, INC. is an equal opportunity employer.
1. Make sure that each room is neat and tidy before and after treatment.
2. Before starting the treatment, therapist must prepare all the things needed in the room.
3. Ensure equipment is in good working order.
4. Ensure all products are accounted for and at adequate level.
5. Ensure all utensils and tools are accounted for and at adequate levels.
6. Ensure there is adequate supply of towels.
7. Ensure treatment room is clean and tidy.
8. Therapist must be strict in asking the clients if he/she uses active chemicals that can be harmful for waxing. CRO must inform the therapist if so.
9. When inside the room, encourage clients to avail of additional services or introduce in store products that they can avail of after their treatments.
10. Therapist must record the names and treatment of clients in their personal daily sales template.
11. Therapists must remind the clients about their aftercare.
12. Make sure that trash bins are properly covered.
13. Make sure that each client is given the utmost care and attention.
14. Make sure that all client questions are answered accurately.
15. Should make sure to review notes sporadically to refresh memory.
16. Should address all clients with professionalism.
Why join us?
• Work with professionals in a past faced environment
• A chance for professional growth through training and learning opportunities local and abroad.
• Our Company is a playground of professionals.
• We develop potentials to the fullest. Home-grown talents are our top priority.
• We offer competitive salary and benefits package.

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