Food Runner - Manila

Food Runner - Manila


Food Runner - Manila

Details of the offer

1. Smile and greet customers / guests;
2. Gets the food order/s from Kitchen Food Checker;
3. Checks quality and quantity of food order/s before bringing to customer/s;
4. Check wooden clip number against table number;
5. Delivers food order to customer/s;
6. Mentions the name and quantity of food ordered to specific customer/s;
7. Confirms completeness of order to customer’s;
8. Politely asks customers for additional requests and if he / she can do anything else for them;
9. Thanks the customer/s and have them enjoy their meal;
SERVICE and CLEANLINESS of DINING AREA (Prior to Opening / During Service / Closing)
10. Undertake daily inventory and ensure completeness of items needed for CAUSEWAY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT service station (plates / sauce bowls / chili sauces / dim sum sauces / soup bowls / utensils / medium plates / water glass ware / linens / etc.,) prior to opening, during service, and during closing of the restaurant;
11. Replace soiled linens prior to opening / during service / closing of the restaurant (if necessary);
12. Clean all plates / glass ware prior to opening / during service / closing of the restaurant;
13. Set tables according to CAUSEWAY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT standards prior to opening / during service (if needed) and during closing of the restaurant;
14. Clean all floors / ACU units / table tops / chairs prior to opening / during service / during closing of the restaurant;
15. Ensure wares such as plates and bowls to be used for service are free from chips / breakages prior to opening / during service / during closing;
16. Inform Restaurant Supervisor / Dining In-Charge regarding need for Requisition of dining area items such as but not limited to:
a. Wares / sauce containers;
b. Linens (if any);
c. Dining area cleaning materials;
d. job orders for repair or replacement of equipment such as but not limited to ACU units, signages, etc.,
17. Ensure that all breakages / damages / losses of dining area equipment / wares are reported to the Restaurant Supervisor / Dining In-Charge; 18. Ensures that items issued to Order Takers such as Order Slips are utilized using First In-First-Out;
19. Assist in the Orientation of new hire Order Taker staff;
20. Assist in scheduled inventory of dining area equipment / wares / others;
21. Report to the Restaurant Supervisor any deviations by staff from standard operating procedures of the restaurant;
22. Perform other duties as assigned by Restaurant Management from time to time.
Educational Attainment
Male (for Food Runners) / Female (for Waitresses)
At least two (2) years of College or College Level;
Preferred Work Experience
With 6 months to 1 year experience as Food Runner/ Waitress or Receptionist in a fast-food or full-service restaurant
Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
Pleasing personality, high level of customer service skills
Self-starter with high degree of discipline and initiative
Creative and resourceful
Acceptable spoken and written communication skills in English and Filipino
Organized, self-motivating, results-oriented, positive work habits
Applicants should be willing to be hired as Agency workers.
This opening is for Causeway Seafood Restaurant in:
Benavidez St., Manila
Congressional Avenue
Banawe Avenue
Timog Avenue

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