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Evaluation Officer Oed/Sppg

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Evaluation Officer Oed/Sppg

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Under the direct supervision of the Head, IEU and under the general guidance of the Chief, SPPG,the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties:Conduct and/or manage evaluations that are impartial, independent, credible and meet professionalstandards.
? Carry out evaluations of projects and assist in carrying out evaluations of programmes andpolicies;
? Support effectively evaluations conducted by staff members and consultants;
? Apply high professional standards in line with Evaluation Policy and UN Evaluation Norms &Standards;
ITC job openings are available on http://www.intracen.org/about/itc-careers/current-job-openings/INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTRE Page 2
? Apply evaluation quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis tools, techniques andapproaches;
? Keep abreast of developments in the area of evaluation including formal training on evaluationtechniques and approaches.
Promote that evaluations are useful and that evaluation findings and recommendations are followedup.
? Report to management on findings and recommendations of evaluations;
? Participate in meetings, workshops and other discussion fora to establish a dialogue onevaluation results;
? Ensure that evaluation results are taken into account for the continued implementation ofprojects/programmes;
? Ensure that project/programme managers respond to recommendations and monitor the followup on evaluations
Contribute to the promotion of the evaluation function in the ITC.
? Review evaluation reports for quality control purposes;
? Provide and/or assist in the provision of training on evaluation, self-evaluation, monitoring andresults based management within the Independent Evaluation Unit and in other organizationalunits;
? Provide advice/information/guidance to management and project/programme managers onevaluations.
Contribute to the effective deployment of human and financial resources of the IndependentEvaluation Unit.
? Plan evaluations and prepare evaluation budgets for individual evaluations;
? Manage effectively and efficiently the use of resources for evaluations;
? Select evaluation consultants based on post requirements;
? Assist in the supervision of evaluation consultants.? Perform other related duties and assignments as and when required.ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA
EDUCATION: Advanced university degree in social science, economics, statistics or related field.Qualification in the field of evaluation an asset.Note: A first-level university degree in social science, economics, statistics, or related field may beaccepted with an additional two years of relevant professional work experience.WORK EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 5 years professional experience in evaluation. Experience relatedto ITC’s mandate and activities an asset.
LANGUAGES: Advanced English required. Knowledge of other official UN languages would be anasset.REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS:
? Solid knowledge of United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) or other internationally acceptedEthical Guidelines and proven ability to ensure that ethics are incorporated into evaluationprocesses
? Solid knowledge about UNEG or other internationally accepted Norms and Standards forEvaluation, and ability to apply them appropriately, seeking advice where appropriate
? Understanding of current issues in evaluation theory and practice
? Solid knowledge of environment, human rights and gender equality and ability to ensure thatevaluation design, questions and analysis incorporate this knowledge in most settings
? Knowledge of policy and programme monitoring, evaluation and mechanisms to promotelearning within organizations
? Knowledge of utilization-focused evaluations and excellent ability to promote the engagementof users and evaluative thinking
? Knowledge of assessing risk and building and applying contingency plans where relevant.
? Knowledge of trade-related technical assistance projects and programmes.ITC’S VALUES are: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for DiversityITC’S CORE COMPETENCIES are: Communication, Teamwork, Planning & Organizing,Accountability, Creativity, Client Orientation, Commitment to continuous learning, Technologicalawareness.ITC’S MANAGERIAL COMPETENCIES are: Vision, Leadership, Empowering Others, ManagingPerformance, Building Trust, and Judgment/Decision making.For further information on competency based interview please click here
? Integrity
Core Competencies
? Teamwork
? Accountability
? CommunicationsManagerial competencies
? Managing performanceFor further information on the competency framework click here and for competency based interviewsplease click here
Appointments with ITC are service-limited to this organization. The conditions of service are governedby the United Nations Staff Rules and Regulations. This is a fixed term appointment.
Annual Salary (net of tax)
Starting from 60,233US$, with annual increments subject to performance.
Post Adjustment
In addition to the above annual salary a monthly post adjustment is paid. The rate as September2019 is 69.9% of the monthly salary. This percentage is to be considered as indicative sincevariations may occur each month either upwards or downwards due to currency exchange ratefluctuations or inflation.
For further information please consult the International Civil Service Commission website:http://icsc.un.orgINTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTRE Page 4
For information on how to apply please click here.Applicants will be contacted only if they are under serious consideration. Applications received afterthe deadline will not be accepted. Information on the status of a vacancy can be obtained at:http://www.intracen.org/jobs
Please note that candidates to this position may be considered for other ITC job openings subject tomeeting the relevant eligibility and competency requirements.ITC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion or other social criteria. ITCis fully committed to the implementation of the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly forgender mainstreaming and applications from qualified women and men are equally welcome.

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