Details of the offer

- Inspect and observe facilities to evaluate the efficacy and quality of electrical systems, components, and products
- Devise testing methods and properties to confirm the functionality of electrical components and systems
- Communicate engineering information across teams and departments to facilitate successful completion of large-scale projects
- Troubleshoot to solve unforeseen problems with product design or implementation
- Maintain detailed database to catalog products and component parts
- Expand professional and technical knowledge of leading-edge developments in electrical engineering through participation in professional organizations, networking
events, and educational workshops
- Review industry publications to maintain a current perspective on the electrical engineering field
- Electrical Engineer Requirements and Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or similar field
- Previous work experience in electrical engineering or related position
- Ability to write clearly about highly technical subject matter
- Thorough understanding of electronic systems and component materials
- Capacity to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives and explore creative solutions
- Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
- Strong public speaking and interpersonal skills
- High attention to detail with a desire for excellence
- Preferably male

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