Broadcast Designer

Broadcast Designer

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Broadcast Designer

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Job Description:
Tasked with completing the design requirements from major program launches which demand more considerable effort, skill and aesthetics, which may then be used as an example or template for the succeeding promos/campaigns. These requirements may involve designing and animating logos, applying post-prod effects, design program design package such as brandbugs, lowerthirds, banner, schedule menu, etc. Leads the production team, e.g. producer, cameraman, lighting director, on projects that require advanced post-production effects/compositing such as motion tracking, match moving, chroma keying. Making it right in the production stage of the project is vital to the post-production as there are certain things that are simply irreparable in post. Acts as a director of photography (DoP). Producing promos/campaign in-house cuts cost dramatically, and doing jobs requiring specialized skill or training, like that of a DoP, ourselves contributes to the efficiency of the production in terms of cost. Knowledge in lighting set-up, photography, composition is necessary for this job. Creates animations and/or objects in 3D with a high degree of creativity that may range from simple geometric shapes to the complex. Software like Cinema 4D sits in the middle of the usability and functionality spectrum, it has the right balance between how much it can do in relation to modeling, particle generation, dynamics, etc., and how user-friendly the UI is, thus it is essential to do work in Cinema 4D when different designers are engaged in a project. Edits, improves, and manipulates images with an excellent degree of skill. This image manipulation may include photograph retouching, to extracting images from one picture for compositing to another, retouching, generating images, to digital illustration using Photoshop and/or Illustrator. Visualizes the concepts/briefs of a project by being able to communicate verbally his vision, materialize briefs in a rough drawing or in a graphics editing software, and provide creative insights particularly from a point of view of a broadcast designer. This is particularly important during the pre-production stage of a project. Engages in post-production/motion design work such as color grading, kinetic typography, compositing, CG effects, and image manipulation on a daily basis. Minimum Qualifications:
Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College, Art/Design/Creative Multimedia, Mass Communications or equivalent. Must have an excellent eye for design. Has post-production skills such as color grading, utilizing an array of visual effects appropriately, and more importantly advanced compositing tools like chroma keying and light supervision, match moving live footage with CG graphics. Must be skilled in After Effects. Competent in 3D software like Cinema 4D, or at least in Lightwave 3D, and digital image editing. Must be willing to work on a contractual-based employment.

Source: Kalibrr