T-Shirt Designer For Merch By Amazon America In Full Time

T-Shirt Designer For Merch By Amazon America In Full Time


T-Shirt Designer For Merch By Amazon America In Full Time

Details of the offer

Job Overview
Dear applicants!
First I would like to introduce myself to you briefly and tell you something about this job and tasks you have to master for doing this job. My name is Christopher I am 30 years old and a aspiring entrepreneur in the field of Tshirt Printing. More specifically, at merch by Amazon.
I offer you a secure job in full time 40 hours / week with an attractive salary. In addition to that you will also get a 13th salary for working with me.
To support my goal, I am looking for the following people to handle these points - Im looking for:
- A designer who specializes in designing T-shirts on the American Amazon market place.
- Already mastered the handling of Merchinformer or has good experiences with it and knows this
tool. (You will get access if you get hired!)
- Which one can research and analysis the marketplace with the help of Merchinformer or research on
Social Media plattforms to find attractive designs or themes. Realizing a sense of taste and
emerging trends on the market and design shirts about your researched thems or niches with low
to middle competitors (Merchinformer informate about that too) on the amazon market place.
- Can understand English and put the meaning behind a designed Tshirt design correctly if needed for
a designed shirt. (typography for example)
- Designing by your own and not copy 1:1 (at least a redesign of 50% would be desirable).
- Does not violate copyright and other illegal violations by designing shirt designs.(MBA guidelines!)
- And last: can write based on the choosen topic you have researched for your design a title, bullet
points with (keywords to that design) and descriptions to match with the created design so the
finished product can be ranked better on the marketplace.
summarized skills you have:
- Researching with Merchinformer for trends or well selled designs to redesign them at least for 50%
or looking on social media platforms for ideas
- Write well written titles,text and descriptons with keywords in english for better ranks
(required Product Information on Amazon marketplace)
- know about trademarks and does not violate the copyright or other illegal violations by designing the
shirt design (Merch by Amazon guidelines)
What i can offer you at this job for working with me!
- Fair paid job at 40/week (Monday to Friday) at $ 440 a month
- 13th salary
- Long-term employment
- Weekly payment @110$ every weekend
- providing merchinformer for your work
- Nice man who will support you anytime he know a answer about your questions ;)
Do you fulfill these requirements and do you think that this is the right job for you and you are ready for a challenge that comes with good pay and necessary security?
Then apply to me now!
And tell me in a few words why you think this is the right job for you and send me 2-3 examples of your already created designs. Also i want to know how many designs you think you can create with all the requiremnets given to this job in a full 40hrs week or in a day, (Sure it depends in the artwork but give me a number you think you are able to handle!)
Of course you can send me the link to your portfolio or gallery too!
Skills required:
• Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
- Research
• English
- Writing
• Graphics & Multimedia
- Adobe Indesign
- Graphics Editing
- Illustrator
- Logo Design
- Photoshop
- Shirt Design

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  • Media - Art - Design / Creative Director


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