Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse

Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center

Staff Nurse

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The Staff Nurse shall initiate and perform nursing care services to meet the needs of patients in assigned areas/units utilizing the nursing process. Specifically the staff nurse will

1. Assesses the individual’s needs for nursing care based on the patient’s history, results of physical, diagnostic and laboratory examinations.
2. Infers correct nursing diagnosis
3. Plans/prioritizes nursing care activities considering overall health needs of the patient, the extent of his coping abilities including that of his family and significant others and his readiness, acceptance, and abilities for self-care.
4. Institutes nursing interventions consistent with the overall plan of care with special considerations for the patient’s safety and comfort
5. Executes written, legal prescriptions for treatment, therapies, medication including hypodermic, intra-muscular and intravenous injections; provided that in the intravenous injections, special training shall be required and according to protocol established.
6. Provides health teachings to patient, his family and significant others so that they may understand his illness and participate actively in his care.
7. Coordinates patient care services with members of the health team
8. Evaluates/modifies nursing care provided in terms of
a. Effectiveness and efficiency of nursing measures rendered and
b. Feedback from patient/family/ significant others
9. Conducts discharge planning with patient, family, and health team. Refers to community health agencies as needed and
10. Documents accurately the observations and services rendered to the patients
11. Observes hospital and nursing service rules, regulations and policies and
12. Interprets to patients, family and visitors the rules and regulations and policies that affect them
13. Keeps self professionally updated through continuing education and
14. Updates his/her professional license and other licenses needed in his/her professional practice.
15. Performs other related tasks as may be assigned by the immediate superior.

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