Senior Site Access Management (Sam) Staff

Senior Site Access Management (Sam) Staff


Senior Site Access Management (Sam) Staff

Details of the offer

Job Description:
The Senior Site Access Management Staff will provide access for Sales and secure necessary permits (i.e. Building Admin, Barangay, LGUs, etc. Negotiation with building administrators on MOA and rental/ permit fees is a crucial part of the job.

Acquire permits from building administrators, property managers/ Homeowners' Association (HOA), AMPC, MACEA, OCAI, BGCAI, Government agencies, LGUs (Barangay, City, and Municipal Offices). Facilitate processing and signing of MOA with the building administrators, property managers, and other ISPs Create a database of accessed buildings and sites. Monitor ROI of buildings within the assigned area. Minimum Qualifications:
Completed a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or other Business related courses. Relevant and strong exposure to negotiating with decision-makers (i.e. building admins, LGUs, etc) of at least 1 year and 6 months in the field.

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