Senior Seo On Page Specialist

Senior Seo On Page Specialist

Surefire Social Corporation

Senior Seo On Page Specialist

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Job Description:
The Sr. SEO On Page Specialist position is primarily responsible for the fulfillment of full audits under the Blaze and Ignite Program, Custom Reports, CIP reports, Quality Control and tickets. Assists and monitors the output of the other SEO On Page Specialist positions and works closely with the Sr. SEO Strategist and Department Manager.

Responsible for keyword research request for Ignite and Blaze Programs. Conducts keyword research using tools used by the department. Conducts keyword research analysis and recommendation based on the defined and approved keyword strategy. Ensures proper execution of keyword research process defined. Analyzes and recommends proper keyword mapping to select and or approved keywords based on a defined guidelines and checklist. Responsible for full audit and all other audit type requests for Blaze and Ignite program. Conducts and performs complete website analysis following defined checklist and guidelines and tools available for Blaze and Ignite program. Analyzes and recommends proper optimization of websites under Blaze and Ignite program following defined guidelines. Generates full audit report following defined format for Blaze, Ignite and Custom, as required.. Ensures proper execution of defined processes for all Audit types. Conducts performance audit and analysis and give recommendations, as requested. Provides assistance to Jr. and SEO On Page Specialist and Department Manager when needed. Minimum Qualifications:
Knowledge in basic html, wordpress and other web development platforms. Advanced Knowledge in SEO. Basic knowledge in Google tools and apps. Basic knowledge in online/digital marketing. Proficient in written and verbal communication. Proficient in English. Computer proficient and system oriented. Proficient in Microsoft Office, primarily in Word and Excel.

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