Safety Lead (Project-Based) | Toledo, Cebu

Safety Lead (Project-Based) | Toledo, Cebu

Aboitiz Power Generation Group

Safety Lead (Project-Based) | Toledo, Cebu

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Job Description:
Acts as the Safety Officer. The positions is responsible for the planning and development and implementation of health and safety programs, processes and procedures in the workplace. The position supervises the correct implementation of government health and safety regulations and standards and the implementation of the Health and Safety Program of the Aboitiz Power Generation Group. The position directs compliance to mandated safety procedures and the correction/removal of hazards and risks in the workplace.


Develops, implements and monitors the Health and Safety Program. Develops and updates the Safety Manual and Procedures. Drafts and recommends to the PHESSCOM safety and operational procedures in keeping with loss-reduction goals of the company. Plans for the health and safety requirements of the workplace including: training; acquisition of personal protective equipment, other safety equipment and signages; and the implementation of corrective structural and facilities improvements. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE

Serves as the Safety Officer of the company in compliance with the mandated health and safety standards. Ensures compliance with mandated health, and safety rules and regulations. Represents the company with safety regulatory agencies. Accompanies government inspectors during inspections of the workplace. Leads the conduct of regular and thorough safety audits of the workplace, inclusive of the inspection of structures, facilities and fittings; machinery and equipment and review of work practices and work processes , to ensure strict adherence to safety regulations and standards. SAFETY IMPLEMENTATION

Monitors results of health and safety inspections; ensures the documentation and investigation of findings and the implementation of corrective measures. Validates hazards and safety risks to people and properties identified. Compels or recommends the cessation of work to address potential urgent or imminent hazards. Validates recommendations for corrective measures to address health and safety issues. Ensures the implementation of the corrective measures. Coordinates with the maintenance and technical support group on the implementation of corrective and preventive maintenance activities. Monitors violations of safety rules and procedures amongst employees and contractors. Recommends appropriate disciplinary action. Ensures that safety permits, credentials and licenses of the company, its personnel, contractors, vendors and suppliers are current and valid. Reviews proposals and bids for service and equipment procurement to ensure that safety measures and precautions, guards and other protective devices are integrated therein. Ensures all company-owned vehicles and heavy equipment are certified and in optimal condition at all times. Serves as a First Aider. Plans and directs emergency and preparedness drills. Monitors the condition of safety and fire equipment to ensure effectiveness at all times. Leads rescue and firefighting operations in the event of accidents and fires. Minimum Qualifications:
At least 3 years of experience in a power plant or heavy industry as safety engineer.; Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, preferably Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

License required. Accreditation by the DOLE as Safety Officer; Knowledge of safety, health and fire codes; Knowledge of procedures and application of safety and health standards; Understanding of coal fired power generation processes, systems and equipment.

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