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Quality Inspector, Electronic/Electrical Assembly And Circuit Card Assembly

Quality Inspector, Electronic/Electrical Assembly And Circuit Card Assembly

Joby Aviation


Quality Inspector, Electronic/Electrical Assembly And Circuit Card Assembly


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Quality Inspector, Electronic/Electrical Assembly and Circuit Card Assembly

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Joby AviationSan Carlos, CA
Posted: September 02, 2020


Joby Aviation is seeking a highly organized, passionate individual to join our quality assurance team. As part of this team, you will perform incoming, source inspection (at a supplier location) and final inspection of Electronic/Electrical Assemblies and Circuit Card Assemblies for VTOL electric aircraft. The inspection process will help baseline the company’s Electronic/Electrical Assembly and Circuit Card Assembly design efforts and pave the way for production. The Joby Aviation team is made up of extremely talented, hardworking, proactive, and hands-on individuals, operating in a very fast-paced and rewarding environment. We are looking to expand this team with like-minded individuals looking to make a mark in the transportation industry.
Participate in the development of the quality inspection system.
Perform incoming inspection on supplied Electronic/Electrical Assemblies and Circuit Card Assemblies (CCA).
Perform in-process inspection of Electronic/Electrical Assemblies and CCAs (as required).
Perform final inspection on completed Electronic/Electrical Assemblies and CCAs.
Perform final inspection on the completed Work Order paperwork package.
Perform adhoc part and process inspections.
Conduct receiving inspection duties (as required).
Document and relay non-conformance information.
Conduct in-process and final inspection duties.
Conduct source inspection duties at a supplier location (as required).
Conduct first article inspection and generate first article inspection reports in compliance with SAE AS9102 (as required).
Conduct Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Foreign Object Damage (FOD) inspections/audits (as required).

Two years of on-the-job aerospace experience in Electronic/Electrical assembly/CCA inspection or a related field.
A high-school diploma or GED or an additional three years of related on-the-job experience is necessary.
Thorough understanding of J-STD-001, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 requirements.
Thorough knowledge of mechanical, thru-hole, surface mount, and electronic component identification to verify proper installation of components and parts on circuit cards.
Must have a general knowledge of ASME Y14.44-2008 drawing practices.
Ability to read and interpret quality control specifications, blueprint/CCA drawings, wiring diagrams and engineering specifications including Electronic/Electrical and mechanical symbols and conventions.
Must be able to read and interpret definitions of critical, major and minor characteristics.
Must know basic quality terms, definitions and concepts.
Must know basic statistical terms and techniques, how to plot data and how to recognize out-of-control conditions.
Must know the definition of plan-do-check-act (PDCA) and understand the team concept.
Must understand types of measurement, measurement terminology and the different types of measurement scales.
Must know the difference between accuracy and precision and be able to select the appropriate measuring tools and techniques.
Must accurately use quality related measuring equipment such as a multimeters, micrometers, calipers and other equipment to assist during Electronic/Electrical Assembly and CCA inspection.
Must have basic calibration knowledge.
Must be able to identify/recognize inspection errors and initiate resolution.
Must understand sample size requirements for lots and pulling random samples.
Must be able to use inspection planning tools and perform a product audit; determine sample size for lots; pull random samples.
Must have knowledge of testing methods.
Must be able to identify and report non-conforming material.
Must understand traceability (product, material and calibration).
Must have a strong knowledge of basic mathematical operations and perform measurement conversions; be able to solve for x; add and subtract degrees, minutes, and seconds.
Ability to work within a team environment.

J-STD-001, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 Certification or Certified Trainer preferred.
ASQ Certified Quality Inspector Certificate preferred.

Joby Aviation


San Carlos,
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