Psychology Faculty Member

Psychology Faculty Member

San Pablo Colleges

Psychology Faculty Member

Details of the offer

· Develops syllabi that clearly outline the course requirements, rationale, goals, and objectives. Submits digital copies of syllabi and course handouts to the Office of Academic Affairs each semester. · Selects textbooks and other resources for the class. · Prepares class sessions and assignments to help students grasp course content and how it integrates with overall student learning outcomes for the course · Creates a learning environment that encourages student involvement and participation. · Documents students’ attendance, participation, and academic progress by giving and grading assignments, projects, quizzes and/or examinations that lead to a final grade. · Submits course grades to the Registrar by the assigned date. · Is accessible to students outside the classroom, providing ample periods of time for counseling and mentoring students in matters related to academic success, life goals, and spiritual development. · Maintains posted office hours and when possible participates in chapel and other school related activities · Male/ Female· Must be a graduate of Master’s degree in Psychology or MAEd· With at least one (1) year teaching experience· Preferably residing near San Pablo City Area

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  • Education - Teaching / Primary Level