Officer (Conversion)

Officer (Conversion)

Seaoil Philippines, Inc.

Officer (Conversion)

Details of the offer

Facilitates the end-to-end process of converting non-SEAOIL stations into the SEAOIL brand within a specific geographical area.
Establishes and maintains business relationships in the trading area through effective selection of/and communication with white Station clients.
Ensures on-time collection of payments of customers
Independent RetailBuilds and develops new white Station accounts.
- Acquires white Station accounts with the assigned area of coverage as identified by the group.
- Establishes corresponding contact persons for purchases of accounts and sets schedules of visit and product or sales presentations
- Conducts products/sales presentation for prospective clients
- Reviews documents from prospective clients in consultation with the Direct Superior (Independent Retail Supervisor/Independent Retail Manager).
- Conducts ocular inspections and internal feasibility studies.
- Prepares the executions of contract if there is involved leasing of equipment to ensure volume commitments
- Prepares pertinent documents required for approvals of applicable credit terms and and coordinates with the Credit, Collection, Order and Scheduling Department (CCOS) for encoding in the company's customer database
Maintains the department's volume target
- Offers price proposal to clients based on prices approved price by the Credit, Collection, Order and Scheduling Department (CCOS), Chief Executive Officer and President
- Solicits customer order and places it to the Collection, Order, and Scheduling Department (COS) department
- Provides all order details to coordinators for Collection, Order, and Scheduling Department (COS) department with regard to the transfer of payment for cash basis customers prior to deliveries
- Addresses customer concerns on delivery procedures through coordination with the Operations group
- Updates customers should there be necessary price adjustments
- Updates customers' credit lines should they no longer be applicable
- Monitors competitors' market activities and recommends possible courses of action to the Direct Superior (Independent Retail Supervisor/ Independent Retail Manager).
- Initiates regular visits to active customers and follow up on orders/ repeat orders
- Communicates with non-active customers for future products purchases
- Ensures that payments for delivered products are completely collected from customers and are remitted to the Collection, Order, and Scheduling Department (COS) department
- Coordinates with the Collection, Order, and Scheduling Department (COS) department as regards to collection schedules for outstanding customer accounts with approved credit lines
1. Negotiates the terms and conditions of the conversion packages and contracts with prospective clients.
2. Discusses and seeks approval for all related costs.
3. Ensures continuous and effective client relationship management throughout the conversion process.
4. Endorses all converted stations to the Station Turnover and Rollout Team, subsequent to signing of the contract.
5. Ensures the complete collection of related fees/payments in compliance with prescribed schedules.
6. Ensures the accuracy and timeliness of all related reports and monitoring templates, including those related to leads generation and assessment.
1. Performs other related functions that may be assigned from time to time.
At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position
Employees specializing in business development, sales or equivalent
Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Business Studies/Administration/Management, Marketing, Commerce or equivalent.
Self-driven with excellent time managementn skills
Able to work in a dynamic environment
Applicants must be willing to work in Ortigas,Pasig City..

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