Licensed Company Nurse

Licensed Company Nurse

Exal Industries Corporation

Licensed Company Nurse

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Duties and Responsibilities:1. Provide Basic HealthcareProvide basic healthcare needs to a company’s employees. This includes administering first aid where needed and evaluating employees’ overall health.2. Administer Prescribed Medication and TreatmentSome employees may have medication and treatment that needs to be administered during work hours. A company nurse is responsible for administering these within the company’s medical clinic.3. Organize Employee PhysicalsResponsible for coordinating with the company’s healthcare provider to set up annual exams and physicals for all employees. Work with employees directly to ensure the schedule works well for everyone.4. Raise Healthcare AwarenessThese nurses also work closely with employees to raise healthcare awareness. This includes evaluating an employee’s health and making lifestyle recommendations to improve their health. They may also hold company-wide meetings to discuss general healthcare tips and recommendations.5. Report on Employee HealthReport to the management on overall employee health. Make recommendations to upper management about new healthcare initiatives that the company can implement to lower healthcare costs.Company Nurse Skills and QualificationsFirst Aid Experience – First aid experience and know how to handle emergency situations that employees may experience preferred but not required.Critical Medical Thinking – Should be able to examine employees and think critically to make healthcare recommendations.Bedside Manner – Company nurses have good bedside manner as they need to be able to comfort employees who are in pain and explain problems clearly.Communication Skills – Able to communicate well in both verbal and written mediums.Organizational Skills – Efficient in tasks and highly organized as company nurse is charged with organizing employee health records in a way that is easily accessible. Minimum RequirementCompany nurse should have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, PRC Licensed. With or without experience. Fresh graduates and holder of PRC License are also encouraged to apply

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