Hearing Aid Repair Technician

Hearing Aid Repair Technician

Manila Hearing Aid Center, Inc.

Hearing Aid Repair Technician

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Job Description:
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Receives job orders for repair from the receptionist and audiometrist/audiologist to inspects or diagnose the defective hearing aid. Ensures that hearing aids are thoroughly checked to able to diagnose defective hearing aids. Performs necessary procedure on hearing aid in case of faulty one by cleaning and/or repairing the unit. Analyzes the hearing aid to provide printout report before releasing the hearing aid unit to the office staff in charge or to the receptionist and audiometrist/audiologist. Records all repaired units in the logbook before releasing to the office staff in charge or to the receptionist and audiometrist/audiologist. Discusses the diagnosis of the defective hearing aid to the receptionist and audiometrist/audiologist so the latter can explain the problem to the client. Validated findings and diagnosis of hearing aids if it’s not done satisfactory by double checking or identifying the cause of back job. Familiarizes oneself to be updated with the latest product/services by attending the trainings and seminars set by the company. The technician must maintain the cleanliness and order of the repair laboratory. Maintains cleanliness in the working area and laboratory by applying 5’s. Maintains the good condition of the repair equipment and tools by regularly checking it. calibrates Audiometric equipments as assigned by the immediate supervisor. Coordinates with the branches to install software of hearing aid as needed. Minimum Qualifications:
Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communications Technology, Vocational diploma or Short courses in any related technical field; At least six (6) months of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Familiarity in repairing hearing aid is a plus but not required; Strong analytical and planning skills; Good communication and presentation skills; Excellent problem-solving skills; High-degree of Accuracy; Problem Solving Skills; Decision Making Skills; Organizational Skills.

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