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Zennya is Southeast Asia’s most dynamic and exciting tech company dedicated to creating a new approach of the primary healthcare delivery system through its digital, data-driven and patient-centric strategy. We believe in evidence-based practice and the transformative power of creating a digital platform that places patient needs and medical science at the center. We leverage the latest technology and innovations to improve patient outcomes such as digitally enabled diagnosis and integration of smart sensors, wearables, medical devices, AI, and machine learning to deliver deeper medical insights and the best human care possible. We like to elevate things and take it to the next level by building ecosystems and health infrastructure that connect people, solutions, and tools into one platform including our own electronic medical records system and health-focused microfinancing schemes, making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all. Finally, we are a logistics powerhouse capable of reaching patients at their convenience wherever they are in the Metro.

Zennya is the “new” Medical.

The primary healthcare delivery system in the Philippines is about to be revolutionized with the launch of zennya’s medical services capability. Wherein healthcare providers will be able to render faster and more efficient patient care in the comforts of their homes or preferred locations.

So if you are an outside-the-box thinker, open to learning, fascinated by technology and interested in a game changing career in the field of healthcare, then you may be the right fit for zennya’s pioneer group of tech-savvy, mobile and highly skilled nursing professionals.

Zennya is looking for field nurses who can work FULLTIME and has the ability to provide collaborative primary healthcare services with the aim to:

Promote health and wellness through rendering health education ( Diabetic health advocacy, etc.)

Prevent occurrence of illnesses through vaccinations etc.

Be a catalyst for the early diagnosis and treatment of preventable diseases through facilitating blood and non-blood specimen collection.

Render supportive care to terminally-ill patients through wound care, IV Therapy, etc.

In this role, you will be supported with a wealth of resources including FREE world-class in-house training and exposure to medically advanced technology and devices to become the best in your field. You will work alongside the best doctors and diverse group of specialized nurses working toward a better healthcare outcomes and experiences for all every day.

Job Description: Have the flexibility to choose your working hours, preferred location in Metro Manila and pre-schedule your availability via the zennya provider mobile app Undergo free in-house training to be able to acquire skills needed to render services to clients/patients Collaborate with the members of the medical and nursing services. Perform patient assessment and obtaining data essential for the provision of the requested service by the clients/patients. Render the requested common and advanced nursing procedures to the locations of pre-scheduled patients/clients. Strictly adhere to safety regulations, operating and maintenance instructions, data privacy, and other protocols. Explain clearly the procedure or test and possible outcomes to clients/patients Have the opportunity to hone a specialization through a continuous program-specific training Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending in-house trainings. Minimum Qualifications:
Graduate of BS Nursing with good standing at any nursing schools all over the Philippines. Philippine Registered Nurse with active professional license. At least one year of hospital experience in any of the following areas – Pediatric and Medical-Surgical ward, Emergency Unit, Intensive Care Unit. Willingness to work on the field to render medical services to patients. Commitment to immediately undergo in-house training. Render full-time service at least 40hours per week. Desirables: Affiliated to nursing associations in the Philippines and/or abroad. International experience to any medical institutions ( acute care, trauma center, other specialized facilities). Highly professional and efficient nurse who have undergone any of these trainings such as IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, BLS-ACLS, Hemo-dialysis, wound care or Diabetic Nurse Educator training and other specialized trainings undergone by a nurse. Have worked in any areas such as Hemo-Dialysis unit, Oncology, Palliative and Hospice care, Operating Room, Community Health Nursing. Developed critical thinking skills Independent and good decision maker Collaborative and can harmoniously work with other specialized nurses and doctors. Good communicator - excellent in written and oral English communication. Tech savvy or comfortable with using online communication tools Detail-oriented, able to work quickly and accurately in a fast-paced work environment Excellent interpersonal skills (able to engage with all kinds of people) Able to move readily from one location to another Have good visual acuity with ability to discriminate color reactions Caring and compassionate nature A natural desire to serve and make a positive contribution in the lives of others Have integrity, dependability and accountability in the performance of service Able to exercise ethical judgment and maintain patient confidentiality

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