Fabric And Materials Engineer

Fabric And Materials Engineer

Harlan + Holden

Fabric And Materials Engineer

Details of the offer

Job Description:
Role Summary:

1. Researches on new technologies applied to textiles

2. Compiles research database and applies output to technological innovations aligned with harlan + holden brand values

3. Collaborates with manufacturers to develop innovative materials

4. Conducts lab tests for materials developed

5. Ensures developments are within timing based on production calendar

Minimum Qualifications:
Qualifications & Skills

1. Accurate in monitoring

2. Accurate in communication

3. Has ample knowledge in textile development

4. Has ample knowledge in fabrics and fibres

5. Accurate in coordinating with suppliers and contractors

6. Has good understanding of the harlan + holden brand and customer

8. Able to work in fast-paced environment, and possesses grace under fire

9. Able to listen and manage information

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