Compliance Specialist

Compliance Specialist

Aboitiz Power Generation Group

Compliance Specialist

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Job Description:
The Compliance Specialist shall provide physical and technical support to the OIL BU in securing permits and licenses. He/ She shall aid in flagging deadlines insofar as they relate to permits, licenses, contractual and legal obligations. He/ She shall assist the Compliance Manager in populating and maintaining the Legal Records Management Systems (LRMS) and acts as the Compliance Manager’s alter-ego when dealing with WESM Compliance Officers, AEV/AP Corporate Service Units (CSU) and external stakeholders.

He/ She is expected to be able to do simple contract review and case management subject to the Compliance Manager’s clearance.

He/ She shall assist the CSUs in fulfilling the compliance requirements (insofar as they relate to the OIL BU) timely. He/ She may be deputized by the Compliance Manager to interphase with the relevant CSU. He/ She understands the data being submitted and is able to spot inconsistencies that may trigger a regulatory call-out. He/ She records and catalogs submissions and is able to retrieve the correct document whenever called to do so by law or regulation. He/ She ensures the Oil Group is informed of regulatory developments.
Minimum Qualifications:
A College graduate, Law background preferred No professional experience required Keen to details Strong analytical and planning skills Good communication and presentation skills Excellent problem-solving skills

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