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Company Driver

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Company drivers who are required to make deliveries are required to be knowledgeable about standard delivery destinations and how to reach them in the most effective way. Even for picking and dropping company executives, they need to know different routes within and outside the city. Another important part of a company driver’s work is to assist with loading and unloading luggage or delivery packages
-The main responsibility of a company driver is to distribute promptly to the store, and in some cases from the stores to other stores or back to the Head Office
-Must check and count the goods before loading them into his delivery vehicle. Any discrepancies between invoiced goods and actual goods must be raised to the warehouse dispatch them
-Must be able to handle and organize documents effectively to serve as a means to track the transfer of accountability of goods being transported.
-Must follow the route and time schedules as the Management will be tracking his movement against a strict schedule.
-Adhere to company operating policies and procedures.
-Maintain driving log record areas traveled to, travel time, and work hours and complete daily paperwork
-Provide special care in delivering fragile and hazardous products.
-Follow local and state driving laws and road regulations.
-Maintain the vehicle clean and safe.
-Report any case of accident, injury or damage of vehicles to the supervisor or manager
-Drive safely and deliver products within deadlines.
-Perform vehicle inspection such as checking fluid level and tire pressure.
-Notify supervisors about any major repairs and maintenances.
-Perform some other undertakings like dropping, getting lunch, and running errands
-Perform other duties as assigned.

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