Car Sales Professionals

Car Sales Professionals


Car Sales Professionals

Details of the offer

This work is about connecting buyers from New Zealand with cars at Japanese Online Auctions.
You will be spending time with customers by email and on the phone to determine their car requirements, explaining how importing a car works, and assisting them in finding cars in Japan.
No cold calling. Customers inquire first - and you provide help and assistance to find their car at Japanese Auctions.
Most communication is done by email and phone call.
Answer questions and explain about the process of importing a car from Japan into New Zealand.
You will have full access to the Japanese Online Car Auctions - and help customers to choose and buy a car form Japanese Online Auctions.
Ensure 100% customer satisfaction through monitoring and follow up on all transactions.
Any other sales and administrative tasks that may be assigned.
Suitable for someone who has previous experience related to car sales, car parts sales, service related to cars, automobile enthusiasts and car lovers. Preference would be given to someone who already have or can easily develop the following skills:
Knowing about Japanese Cars - makes and models, specifications etc.
Know how to work in a team
Know the Japanese Car Auction System - Auction Grading, Importing Process and Rules, and Regulations.
Have a Car Sales experience, car part sales experience, or knowledgeable about cars.
Have an excellent writing/communication skills, good talking on the phone with a pleasant appeal, fast learner, who have a love for cars and like to work on computer.

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